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    Title: MTA-039
    Model: MTA-039
    Features: fire hose coupling Aluminum coupling hose coupling ANSI PIN type hose coupling

    ANSI PIN type hose coupling

    fire hose coupling
    Aluminum coupling
    hose coupling

    Material: Aluminum

    Qualified member of NFPA

    Russion Type Coupling are used in a wide variety of applications for petroleum handling,

    chemical processing, dry bulk handling, agricultural, and water, etc

    Feature :

    1)      Precisely machined for accurate fit, join fast and save effort

    2)      Recess holds gasket firmly in place assuring proper placement,

    3)      Smooth face of groove and great resistance to vibration.

    4)      Size:1-1/4',1-1/2',2',2-1/2'.

    5)      Packing: International seaworthy packaging, or according to customers?? requirements.

    6)      We are qualified member of NFPA.