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    Aboveground Pump Connector
    TEL:86-595-86147863 86310910
    FAX:86-595-86147871 86147863
    Title: Aboveground Pump Connector
    Model: SQS150-1.6
    Features: With the municipal pipe network supporting the use of fire extinguishing, are the main tool.

    Product Feature

    Material: cast iron.

    Inlet interface: 100 mm / 4 inches or 150 mm / 6 inches

    Intake interface type: flange

    Flange diameter: 220mm or 285mm

    Diameter of screw hole to flange hole: 180 mm or 240 mm

    Screw hole diameter: 17.5mm or 22 mm

    Rated working pressure: 1.6 Mpa

    For water and foam mixed liquid only